The indomitable Gauls

The Queen of Egypt

The adventurous battle of Roman’s general Fracchia against his arch enemy, the Gauls, lead by Filini the conqueror.

Shining and sexy blonde treasures will be a great distraction laughing fighting.
During the battles and distractions, Fracchia will lead his emperor to conquer the greatest treasure of the five continents.

Rediscover the great adventure of the immense character “Fracchia” through his adventurous battles for territories.
Remember, however, never to distract your attention from your Empire, Filini the Gaul is always lurking and ready to conquer your wealth. At my signal, unleash … uhmmmmmm! : P

This fun slot machine includes:

  • Unique, thematic logo;
  • Game reels;
  • Animated game symbols;
  • Thematic bonus games;
  • Thematic sound design.

Files are presented in the following formats: .PSD, .AI, .jpg.
Animation is presented in the following formats: PNG sequence.






J Letter

Q Letter

K Letter

A Letter



Il gioco “Fracchia contro i Galli” fà parte del multigame “Fracchia Story” che è un prodotto di proprietà PSM Gaming S.r.l.
Questa pagina è a scopo puramente illustrativo e può non rappresentare esattamente il prodotto finale. Tutte le immagini e i video presenti sono state elaborate internamente e con software grafici. Nulla è stato generato da codice di programmazione e/o matematiche di gioco usate sul territorio nazionale nel rispetto delle leggi vigenti.

The game “Fracchia contro i Galli” is part of multigame “Fracchia Story” that is property of PSM Gaming S.r.l.
This page is for illustrative purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product. All the images and videos have been generated inhouse with graphics software. Nothing has been generated by programming code and/or gambling maths used on national territory in compliance with law.

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